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5656624 - VIVO Y11s Phantom Black 32GB SIM Free Smartphone

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Manufacturer VIVO
Part number 5656624
  • £119.00
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    Product Features

    Halo FullView display
    Y11S features a 6.51-inch Halo FullView display with HD+ resolution,providing a wide and immersive view for both videos and games. The display also filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye strain.

    Side fingerprint
    Vivo's side fingerprint design integrates the fingerprint scanner with the power button - so you can power on and unlock your phone at the same time. This design makes Y11S look sleek and classy,while making the user interaction effortless.

    Powerful processor
    With a powerful processor and huge RAM,Y11S can handle an array of tasks with ease. Expect great performance and smooth
    experience throughout.

    Advanced battery
    Y11S boasts a powerful battery that is supported by AI power-saving technology,ensuring plenty of life every day. A single full charge can provide many hours of online HD movie streaming,or resource-intensive gameplay. It is also engineered with reverse charging,so your Y11S can be used to charge other devices,like a mobile power bank.

    Bokeh camera
    The 2MP Bokeh camera delivers accurate and sophisticated results,thanks to the Bokeh algorithm. Portraits not only look more
    alive,they also boast greater depth.

    Face Wake function
    vivo's Face Wake unlocks your phone the moment it recognizes your face. When paired with side fingerprint,accessing your phone has never been so smart and easy.

    Multi-Turbo 3.0
    Exclusive Multi-Turbo 3.0 can focus on optimizing core scenes to reduce stuttering and lag in games. It is also engineered to allocate
    and prioritize CPU and internal storage resources - especially when too many applications are running simultaneously in the background.

    AI Albums Instant Vlog function
    Instant Vlog enables you to create stylish videos and quickly share them on social media. Its AI algorithm identifies both faces and
    scenes within your video footage,then splices them into a reel,within a vlog template.

    AI Albums Memories function
    Memories helps you group your photos by time,location,event and even intimacy level. Discover which of your photos fit together in
    advanced ways,creating even more moments and memories.

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